Jamfuser 2019






Ben Wheatley


Email: benwheatley98@hotmail.com



Developed For

Jamfuser Games Jam 2019



Development Team Size



72 hours



Unreal Engine 4

OverJunked is a game I created alongside 5 other developers for Jamfuser 2019. My role in the project was to create the level and contribute ideas and balance to the game design.

The theme of the jam was Junk. We decided to create an "Overcooked" style junk management game where the players must keep on supplying processed goods to incoming trucks. As the level progresses more junk types are added, and the players need to transport the new junk types to their equivalent machine. The game becomes more complex as they progress, dealing with more junk types and managing their efficiency.

Developing the Core Loop

Part of the Jam was to create a game that would also be commercially viable. When approaching the design we thought about party games we all enjoyed and decided to adapt the successful game series, "Overcooked" as a basis. From this we developed a similar set of mechanics around an already established game loop.

During development we discussed our gameloop at length as we wanted to make it still feel unique and not just a straight Overcooked clone. We tried to playtest as much as possible to refine our core systems timings, with the end result following similar principles to Overcooked, but still feeling like it has its own identity.

I was responsible for the majority of the design decisions around the core loop. The systems were scripted by my teammates as I developed the 3D models for each of the unique machines and worked on the level layout.


  • Junk types clearly match their machine
  • Core loop worked well when all the systems worked
  • Height variation and altering the position of the different machines input, button and outputs make for increasing difficulty as the level progresses


  • Machines vary position but don't utilise different gameplay mechanics
  • The mesh pass was completed right at the end without as much variation as I would have liked


Our game was highlighted in the top 8 submissions in the jam and came 4th / 13 total submissions. The results of the jam can be seen here.

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