GGJ 2019

 Feather Away From Home

 Feather Away From Home




Feather Away From Home

Developed For

Global Games Jam 2019



Development Team Size



48 hours



Unreal Engine 4



  • Good level flow
  • Set piece hazards
  • Unique set of areas offering memorable moments
  • An optional flight gauntlet challenging the players skill with the birds handling

Feather Away From Home is the game I created alongside 7 other developers for Global Games Jam 2019. My role in the project was to create the level. This resulted in me working with our technical artist to figure out a layout for the terrain and then hand placing meshes to structure a natural environment.

Gameplay elements pertaining to our core loop were created alongside my development of the level. This gave me a toolbox of obstacles to help add unique challenges to the map.

While developing the level I focused on creating key areas such as the ravine that would stand out as memorable while playing. These areas offered unique visuals and gameplay challenges. The routes in the level were then filled with pickups that acted as breadcrumbs. As these pickups were needed to win, it meant I could have players approach areas in the way I intended.

The nest is a central part of the core loop. It was very important that it was easy to reach and could be spotted no matter where the player was. Placing it on the tree in the centre of the map worked best and allowed branching paths to spiral off and then loop back around to frame the main tree again. This would then allow the player to delivier their sticks to the nest without having to backtrack through areas.


  • 2 / 4 of the challenge areas were cut short due to time and so feel very lacking
  • Use of the foliage tool for the trees has led to some errors I didn't notice until publication
  • There is no level boundary, so the player can just leave if they like


Game Jam Contest

Our game Feather Away From Home won the SideFX Games Jam contest. the results of which can be seen here.

The contest was for games made using Houdini. I worked with our technical artist to design the landscape within houdini and then further structured the level around the landscape in UE4.

Key Area Gallery