Counter Strike

Global Offensive

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Final Year Project



Development Team Size



18 Weeks



Valve CSGO

Hammer Editor



  • The map has multiple routes for terrorists to attack from
  • These routes can be assessed and countered by CTs
  • There are many tactics that can be employed from the three main meeting points as detailed in my design document
  • The theme of the map is sold through recreation of reference imagery
  • A UK setting is unique for CounterStrike Global Offensive and helps the map to stand out

DE_Quaint was created as the first half of my Final Year Project at university. I set myself the deadline of December 16th so I could enter it into a community competition. I iterated the map 36 times experimenting with the layout and playtesting throughout. I then proceeded to develop the detailing for another 12 versions. This totaled at 48 versions overall.

During detailing I also made tweaks to the gameplay to add the finishing touches. Once completed I wrote my final design document and produced an overview video for the level that shows the progression of my key areas throughout the project.


  • I didn't end up adding in any custom props that would have really sold the UK setting
  • Optimisation was a struggle. It never drops to unplayable levels, but it is low for the size of the map
  • The bridge being a slope means that there are some headshot angles that can lead to hard to see enemys
  • With the map being so small and there not being many high walls, flashbangs thrown high enough hit a large section of the map


The level was created as my Final Year Project. Overall I achieved a grade of 95 / 100 for my project and design document.

DE_Quaint was entered into the R/CSMapMakers community competition and came 10th / 47 which I was happy with when considering the other work entered.

Competition thread.           Results thread

Full Competition Results.    Contest Workshop Collection.

Early Development Impressions

A professional level designer gave their impressions of an early version of the layout. FMPONE has created multiple maps that have been featured in CSGO so I am very grateful for his feedback.

The layout changed significantly from the version he looked at to the final release, however most of the elements he liked survived the transition.

Competition Judge Impressions

During the judging process some of the judges streamed their first impressions of the entries. I managed to catch my map being reviewed by TheWhaleMan.

They are a community level designer who focuses more on environment art than layouts so his feedback on my environment was both informative and very helpful.

MapCore Thread.

I also posted a thread onto MapCore to ask the opinion of other level designers. This thread can be seen at the following link.

The general feedback I gained was that I had too much happening in the level. With the crashed cars, drained canal and smashed scenary. Although I don't see a huge problem with this, it is definitley something I want to keep trying to weave clearer narrative elements into my environments. This feedback has made me more aware of this issue in my designs and is something I will keep in mind when developing the detailing of my next project. 

Overall my map gained the following results.

Detailing: 34 / 50

Gameplay: 35 / 50

Polish: 39 / 50

Total Score: 108 / 150

Weighted Score: 354 / 500

Percentage: 71%

Final Placing: 10th / 47

Feedback given after the competition

Judge 1: Site is a little too easy to take for Ts. Otherwise looks great. Could use some higher res textures in places though.

My response to feedback

The addition of the new truck on the T bridge was added at a later point without any detailed playtesting, from the feedback given I believe it made the bombsite too easy to take for terrorists.

Judge 2: The detailing looks like it has had a lot of work put into it, custom assets would really set it apart and move it up that next level; layout seems quite unique and it's nice how open it is, grenades would prove to be very useful; some clipping issues around the truck on site.

Custom assets would have definitely sold my maps theme and I think if I had managed to had the weeks leading up to the deadline free its something I would have tried to implement, however when it came to deadline week I had optimisation issues I needed to focus on so the custom props and textures were cut. Something to strive for in a future project though!

Judge 3: Some brick/stone textures feel too big, playerclip instead of clip, unclipped stair near t spawn, cover on the bridge/site is a bit awkward, lots of big cover to run around giving easy afterplant defence.

Playerclip is what allows characters to walk up staircases like ramps rather than bumping up the steps. Clip brushes achieve the same affect but also block grenades. This was an oversight by me, however not game breaking as the addition of clip is more down to personal preference. There are many competitive maps that don't use Clip textures on their staircases. Again, although most detailing gameplay changes were for the better, the truck on the T bridge was a stretch that had unintended consequences.

Judge 4: I think the name of your level fits the map well. Visually there are some weird bits, stairs a bit to large, texture scaling issues, scaling that feels abit odd, ect. But overall I think the map works very well. Layout at first is hard to understand, but after some time I think I got it and it'd play well I believe. Definitely would require some good communication from the CT side but it'd play well. The T side truck on bridge is a bit too strong.

The scale of the map is a strange one, as they are right to think that the buildings are smaller than most default CSGO buildings, however they line up pretty well when against my reference imagery as villages tend to have smaller architecture.

The stairs being too large I take responsibility for, I had them the correct size, however for gameplay I changed the height of them early on to ensure the height of the different sections would fit and then forgot to revisit them in the detail stage to ensure they were the correct size again. It doesn't affect gameplay as they are essentially ramps thanks to player clip, it just looks odd.

I'm slightly disappointed that they found the map confusing considering all the time I spent trying to make it as clear as possible, however I am glad they recognise the potential for tactics and the need for strong communication. As the gamemode is 2v2 and you are usually playing with someone you know I wanted to stress communication when playing by allowing the Ts so many routes.

Judge 5: Great looking map and unique design with the bridge and canal area. Only gameplay problem would be the quirky angles that can happen with the different angles between some props at each end of the bridge.

I believe I detailed the problem with CSGO and players cameras being where they shoot from previously. This means that when you use height variation as I have it can seem as though most of the firefights are just shooting at the top of other players heads as that is all they need to expose to shoot at you. I feel as though the theme and gameplay surrounding the bridge is worth this downside in the shooting, and I have provided multiple points where players can gain a height advantage that removes these head glitch angles.

Key Area Gallery