Valve CSGO

Hammer Editor


Counter Strike Global Offensive

Developed For

Personal Project



Development Team Size



1 year and 4 months




  • Vertical bombsite design offers fun encounters
  • Unique areas for clear callouts
  • Narrative elements convey the story of the map

Tomb was my second CSGO mapping project. With my first map CS_District I kept the layout simple and focused on the hostage game mode. Tomb is a defuse map, which meant that I had to design the layout and then link in bombsites, considering gameplay situations I hadn't dealt with before.

I worked on and off throughout my first year at university. The layout had many variations as I wanted to take my time experimenting with as many options as possible.

My main hook for the map was A site. I used a layered bombsite where terrorists could take control of the upper levels and then spread into the middle without having to engage with A. Or they could drop past the upper level into an exposed firefight with defending CTs.

A site turned out well, the area that gave me the most trouble was A long. A long was a challenge as I had to work out how to connect the height difference in a way that meant timing worked well. The rest of the map was relatively fun to play.

Tomb was my first map I had tried to detail with a theme in mind. The end result was very rigid, but I learnt a lot over the time I spent developing it.


  • Detailing looks very blocky and changed quality throughout
  • Layered design caused slow rotations
  • Distance between chokepoints meant CTs were unable to fully support team members

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